The Marine Resources Committee (MRC) is an advisory group to the Board of County Commissioners. MRC members are citizen volunteers committed to protecting and restoring marine habitats in our ecologically rich corner of the world.

Digging for Dinner (Quilcene)

MRC Seeking New Members

The Jefferson MRC is seeking applicants to serve on the Marine Resources Committee. Be a part of the work to protect and restore our local marine resources! For more information and to download an application, check out our "About Us" page.


MRC Project Plans for 2018 include:
-- Expanding Olympia oyster habitat to benefit multiple marine species
-- More rain gardens to improve water quality
-- Maintaining voluntary no-anchor zones to protect shellfish and eelgrass
-- Community outreach & education programs
-- Citizen Science Monitoring (beaches, kelp & forage fish)

Photo by Cheryl Lowe