The Marine Resources Committee (MRC) is an advisory group to the Board of County Commissioners. MRC members are citizen volunteers committed to protecting and restoring marine habitats in our ecologically rich corner of the world.

General Meeting - July 2017

Digging Oysters at Dosewallips

Friday, June 9th, 2017, 9 am-11:30 am at Dosewallips State Park in Brinnon.

REGISTRATION IS CLOSED.  This State Park is a wonderful place to learn about harvesting oysters and clam species.  Learn from our expert WDFW shellfish biologists about harvesting, shucking and favorite shellfish recipes. It's important to know the rules, but also to know when they are safe to eat! Then "dig for your dinner" on the beach with their guidance.

If you like eating shellfish, there's nothing better than spending a few hours on the beach with people who know EVERYTHING about shellfish. More info HERE. Register at

MRC member Jeff Taylor and WSU Beach Naturalist Claire Africa help spruce up the MRC rain gardens.

MRC Rain Gardens Looking Great

Jefferson MRC and WSU Extension will team up again to install another rain garden later this year at Chetzemoka Park in Port Townsend. We are working with City of Port Townsend to clean up stormwater before it reaches Puget Sound. 

Meanwhile, volunteers spruced up the 5 rain gardens we've helped to install.  Thank you, WSU Extension and our volunteers!  


More Olympia Oysters in Quilcene

In late May, MRC volunteers planted more Olympia oysters in Quilcene Bay as part of an on-going effort to rebuild that historic population. Over two days the volunteers counted, measured and celebrated as they spread 80 bags of seeded Olympia oyster cultch on test plots.  This project is part of a collaboration with WA Dept of Fish and Wildlife and two local Tribes. Our goal is a substantial, healthy, self-sustaining Olympia oyster bed habitat that provides benefits to many other marine species.