Recent Events 

wbf display MRC booth at the Wooden Boat Festival Sept. 5-7th

 Our Community Survey on marine issues at the Festival was a great conversation starter. We were impressed at the number of people who knew something about marine issues. Participants ranked pollution prevention as the most important issue, with ocean acidification as the second topic of most concern. Thanks to all who participated!

Fort Townsend State Park Nearshore Restoration Project

JCMRC is working with WA State Parks and Northwest Straits Foundation to improve nearshore habitat and public access at Fort Townsend State Park. The project will remove much of the landing and associated riprap, replacing it with a smaller landing that provides better boat and beach access, and restores important natural processes, eelgrass and forage fish habitat. In August, Hererra Environmental finished the feasibility study and draft design. Permit applications are underway. Construction is expected in fall 2015.

Upcoming Meetings:

The next JCMRC meeting will be a brief meeting on Tuesday, October 7th before the Ocean Health Forum. Stay tuned for more details. The Agenda will be available on the Meetings page of this website. 

Current Projects

  • Nearshore Restoration

    Restoring natural beach functions to improve habitat for marine species.

  • Eelgrass Protection

    Preventing damage to important eelgrass beds in Port Townsend Bay and other shorelines.

  • Olympia Oyster Restoration

    Surveying, monitoring and enhancing native habitat for native oysters to understand factors that limit recovery of native populations.

  • Marine Stewardship

    Working to achieve long-term stewardship for Jefferson County marine resources by building community through citizen involvement.

  • Maynard Beach Restoration

    Partnering with North Olympic Salmon Coalition to restore of 1,800 feet of marine shoreline and creation of a pocket estuary.

Local Resources

Everyone can help protect our marine resources.  

Volunteer with a local conservation organization such as the Port Townsend Marine Science Center, North Olympic Salmon Coalition, Jefferson Land Trust or Conservation District.

Pick up pet waste (scoop the poop), especially on the beach!  

Check your car for oil leaks (stormwater flows directly into local marine waters).

Keep your septic system working properly to filter and treat septic wastewater.  

Install a rain garden. 

Oil Spills 

Report all spills!  Call:
National Response Center: 
WA Emergency Management Div:  
1-800-258-5990 -OR- 1-800-OILS-911
Want to know more about preparations for an oil spill in our community? Click here.