The Marine Resources Committee (MRC) is an advisory group to the Board of County Commissioners and part of the regional Northwest Straits Marine Conservation Initiative. MRC members are citizen volunteers committed to protecting and restoring marine habitats in our ecologically rich corner of the world.

Crabbing 101 Workshop - June 15

Join us from 6-8pm on Thursday, June 15 at the WSU Classroom (97 Oak Bay Rd) in Port Hadlock for a free Crabbing 101 Workshop! Learn all about the best practices for catching more crab in Washington State, and hear from the experts about local crabbing regulations, state and tribal co-management, and general tips and tricks. The evening will include live demonstrations of proper crab pot rigging and plenty of time for Q&A!

Searching for Seaweed - June 6

Join us at 12-2pm on Tuesday, June 6, at Point Hudson! Learn about the different types of seaweeds, where to find them, how to harvest safely and sustainably, and the basic rules and regulations to follow to help ensure seaweed harvests into the future. We'll first meet in the parking area for a short presentation from WDFW habitat biologist, Nam Siu, for a short presentation then search for seaweed on the beach!

Olympia Oyster Restoration in Kilisut Harbor

Olympia oysters are the only native oyster on the West Coast. They create habitat, filter water, and play a unique role in the food web. Kilisut Harbor was once home to an abundant Olympia oyster population. Puget Sound Restoration Fund and partners are developing a plan to locally restore native oysters, and we want to hear from you!  If you own tidelands along Kilisut Harbor and you are interested in hosting a beach walk with a biologist on your tidelands, let us know!

Regular Monthly Meeting - June 6