The Marine Resources Committee (MRC) is an advisory group to the Board of County Commissioners and part of the regional Northwest Straits Marine Conservation Initiative. MRC members are citizen volunteers committed to protecting and restoring marine habitats in our ecologically rich corner of the world.

Join us for a shoreline landowner workshop on May 24

Join us in learning from Jessica Cote and Traci Sanderson of Blue Coast Engineering about Shore Friendly Living! The Shore Friendly program of the Northwest Straits Foundation and the Jefferson County Marine Resources Committee are hosting a workshop and beach walk for shoreline landowners to learn about coastal processes that form our beaches and best practices for managing erosion through proper drainage and use of native vegetation. This workshop is intended for Jefferson County Residents (limited to 35 participants) and will take place at 10am-130pm on May 24 at the WSU Classroom (97 Oak Bay Rd) with an optional beach walk to follow. 

Jefferson MRC 2021 Annual Report

The 2021 Annual Report for the Jefferson MRC is now available. Learn about the MRC, our work and accomplishments over the past year!

Monthly Meeting – June