The Marine Resources Committee (MRC) is an advisory group to the Board of County Commissioners and part of the regional Northwest Straits Marine Conservation Initiative. MRC members are citizen volunteers committed to protecting and restoring marine habitats in our ecologically rich corner of the world.

Monthly Meeting - September
MRC works with community volunteers and partner organizations to protect marine habitats.

2019 MRC Accomplishments

Jefferson MRC accomplished a lot in 2019!  A new Summary Report highlights progress in several different areas: 

  • Over 1600 hrs of volunteer work by MRC and other community members
  • Several citizen science monitoring projects
  • Public educational programming reached over 556 people and covered topics from shellfish to derelict gear to seaweed harvesting
  • Progress in rebuilding local Olympia oyster populations.
  • Two new rain gardens

Read the Summary Report for more details.

Covid-19 Update

The MRC is adapting and adjusting to continue our work while adhering to recommended guidelines and social distancing.  MRC monthly meetings and project subcommittees are held remotely, and we continue to develop plans and strategies for the upcoming field season.  Stay tuned for more updates!