Here's a list of marine resource-related organizations, agencies and other resources.  We hope you find it useful.

Northwest Straits Initiative (NWSI) & Other Marine Resource Committees

Local, City & County Resources

Regional - Olympic Peninsula & Puget Sound

State, Federal Agencies & Tribes

Marine Resources Maps

Sound IQ - Interactive Map- Sound IQ is the Northwest Straits Commission’s web-based application to share data collected by MRCs and the Commission in an easily-accessible map format. MRC data on Sound IQ can be viewed in combination with complementary data from other sources.

My Coast  - Reporting Tool - Use My Coast to document creosote logs, king tides, storm damage, beach cleanups, derelict vessels, debris and more in Washington.  Coastal decision makers, emergency managers and others use your reports to make better decisions.

Tides and Currents

MRC Reports & Documents

Most of the Jefferson County MRC's reports and documents are accessible from the Northwest Straits Resource Library. Once you are on this website, search for "Jefferson County".  You can also search for reports and other documents by geographic area through the Northwest Straits Initiative's SoundIQ project.