Shoreline Landowner Resources

Info for Shoreline Landowners

Shoreline landowners are stewards of ecologically important real estate. Jefferson MRC and Northwest Straits Foundation have co-sponsored a number of workshops for these landowners. Workshop topics include coastal geology, sediment movement along the shore; the role of feeder bluffs; what causes erosion; vegetation management and ecologically appropriate options for stabilization. Our goal is for more homeowners to understand how shoreline processes work so they can choose the best options for protecting their properties.

See the Resource Page for links to landowner resources or the Northwest Straits Foundation Shoreline Landowner Program website.


Workshop field trips show landowners what is possible.

Shore Friendly

"Shore Friendly" is a way for homeowners to look at managing their shorelines. Puget Sound shorelines are in constant flux; wind, waves, and other forces move sediment along the shoreline and reshape beaches and bluffs. It’s a natural process that ensures a healthy ecosystem for salmon, shorebirds, and other species.

If you’re a shoreline landowner, you might be concerned about how erosion could damage your property.  Regional programs can assist marine shoreline homeowners who are interested in learning more about natural processes, bulkheads, and better soft-shore options.

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Closer to home, Kitsap County also has a Shore Friendly Program with useful info for everyone, including a video about local landowners improving their properties with soft-shore options. Jefferson County has similar shorelines, so you can really visualize what might be possible.  See the video at

Vegetation Management for Shoreline Landowners

Watch the recording of the NW Straits Shore Friendly's vegetation management workshop! Sound Native Plants Co-owner Ben Alexander discusses the use of native vegetation for improving wildlife habitat, including information on bluff and beach processes, Puget Sound nearshore wildlife and habitat, soils and the importance of drainage management, root strength and the role of native vegetation on a marine slope/shoreline, and examples and recommendations for native vegetation on your property.

Shoreline Landowner Resources