Photo by Cheryl Lowe
Education & Outreach

Education & Outreach

Public Programs include:

  • Shoreline landowner workshops
  • Interpretive signs about eelgrass, rain gardens, Olympia oysters
  • Rain garden workshops
  • Guided beach walks (Photo at left)
  • Public programs about ocean acidification, oil spill preparedness, voluntary no-anchor zones and more
  • Encouraging proper disposal of pet waste and other stewardship actions

Resources for Shoreline Landowners

Shore Friendly Kitsap assists marine shoreline homeowners who are interested in voluntarily removing all or part of their old bulkhead. They’ve just produced a wonderful video that explains why this idea makes sense to waterfront homeowners. Kitsap and Jefferson County have similar shorelines, so you can really visualize what might be possible.  See the video at 

Free shoreline landowner workshops (picture on left) help landowners understand more about coastal geology, including sediment movement along the shore, the role of feeder bluffs, vegetation management and better options for protecting structures. Our next workshop will be offered in 2017.

Digging for Dinner (photo at top) is another popular event offered every summer in partnership with WA Fish and Wildlife. This public program provides instruction on safe and sustainable shellfish harvesting.

High tides in Port Townsend

Tides, King Tides & Storm Events

With the January 2017 high tides and storms, people are asking more about king tides. What are king tides and why are they important?  The WSU Extension Winter 2017 Shore Stewards Newsletter gives a quick refresher on tides and explains why these highest predicted tides of the year might help us visualize the future. It's a good follow-up to the MRC co-sponsored king tides event last November.  Anyone can subscribe to the WSU Shore Stewards email list to get periodic newsletter notices.

The MRC helped develop two new interpretive signs for the Fort Townsend State Park nearshore restoration in 2016. Artwork is by Larry Eifert.

Voluntary no-anchor zone interpretive signs (left) are posted along the PT waterfront. A rain garden sign (right) is mounted near the beach outfall pipe at the NW Maritime Center to explains how rain gardens are cleaning this stormwater.

Education & Outreach